About us

This is us. Two sisters, who have grown up in deepest (& darkest) Dartmoor but now living in Munich & Cornwall.

It was back in October 2015 that we first discovered “hygge” and it immediately resonated with us both.
We had fond childhood memories. We had always known how it felt and carried it through life to adulthood but there had never been a word for it.
And now there was. Hygge.
What we’ve learnt in the last year is that it doesn’t matter how you say it – and believe me, there will be plenty to tell you, but it’s how you feel that counts.
So we spent last Autumn & Winter of 2015 be consciously hyggeligt and discovering that by being hygge we were:

  • Less prone to anxiety
  • Made better decisions about how to use our time
  • Got more fresh air
  • We’re able to prioritise better
  • Get a work / life balance
  • See the beauty in nature
  • Found solace in being alone
  • Were better companions when with other people

Bringing hygge into our lives beyond the winter was the gift that kept on giving.

We want to share that with you!

Hygge shouldn’t be expensive. It’s not something you create, but we all need the obvious pointed out to us once in a while & our boxes are designed to do that!

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Deborah & Samantha xx