Hygge is for You

Imagine if Hygge could be bottled? Or at least boxed, to arrive on the doormat and yielding a welcome interruption in a crazy, fly by world?

A message to say “Take five. Slow down. This is for You.” Hygge.

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Pronounced “Hue-geh”. We’ve always known how it felt, but we didn’t have a word for it…

The Danes have it embraced in one word.


They feel it, live it and breathe it, in a land where days are grey and sunlight is limited and in spite of this, they are one of the happiest nations in the world.

Cosy, comfy, safe, peaceful, content… Often fireside, hot chocolate in hand or wrapped up in a favourite jumper, with a book, or sometimes a hearty meal with the closest of friends but always with a feeling of ease…

In old Blighty, where we too can boast of seemingly endless gloomy days and nigh on all year round April showers, our reputation of talking about the weather goes before us. Sunshine can never be assured, even in the height of Summer and yet, with Hygge, we can be guaranteed of a less weather dependant happiness quotient.


I love my hygge box, especially the pebble…. can’t wait for next month! – Hannah