Everything works better when it is unplugged. Including You.

The world has changed in too many ways to count. We scroll, we consume, we blur boundaries between work and home. The good news is that geographical boundaries are less limiting than ever before and  there is so much good in the world. Things we can learn from each other. Ways to live a better life. Each culture has so much to teach.

So many ways to say “Slow down. Take your time. For You.”

The Danes have it embraced in one word.


You may have known how it feels. You may have aspired to feel it. You may even yearn for it.

This is what we aspire for you. Those precious moments of peace and tranquility. Perhaps to be wonder. Sometime wander. Be inquisitive. Be nothing at all.

Just. Be.

I love my hygge box, especially the pebble…. can’t wait for next month! – Hannah