Day 1: 30 Days of hygge

We’ve been living a more conscious hyggeligt lifestyle now since 2015. I say “conscious” because we always knew how hygge felt, but didn’t have a word for it.

And now, with the turn of a new year, many other hygge conscious people on social media are following #30daysofhygge . We thought it would be rude not to and that we would share our 30 days with you! 

Day 1: Keep a gratitude journal

Now this too is something that I’ve done for a couple of years, although not on a strict daily basis and not always in a journal. Sometimes it has been in a book, now we have a jar and sometimes, in a real emergency and when the need to take stock strikes, I’ve just written a list on a scrap piece of paper.

 I’m at a point in my life where being mindful of gratitudes is one of the best thing I can do for myself so the discipline of doing it daily will be a real tonic.

I’ll share Day one with you :

I am grateful for;

  • the warmth & welcome of my family in their new year celebrations both immediately and more widely and the hugs on arrival & leaving.
  • the health, spirit & resilience of my two beautiful girls
  • the unconditional love from my dogs & the walks that we go on
  • having had two weeks of family visit, from the playfulness of my two nephews to the ever presence of my ninety two year old grandmother & the few days on my own to take stock.
  • my true friends who have “shown up” in the last couple of months.
  • my strength, even though I don’t always believe it myself.
  • the optimism of what might lie ahead in 2017. 
  • there’s also another gratitude but I’m not quite ready to share that one yet, but let’s just call it an unfounded fear.

With the exception of the last, I suspect that many of the above gratitudes appear on most lists. At least I hope they do. As each day goes by, I’ll be digging deeper, beyond the others. To repeat & be grateful for the same things day after day is more than fine but what will make this whole exercise truly rewarding will be the treasures uncovered in upturned stones that on a usual day would go unnoticed.

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