Monthly bucket list

I’ve always been a big goal setter & positive list maker & so, inspired by bloggers @cinderelmo & @stevie_couch, I’m going to do a monthly bucket list. 

Here goes;

  • Book our August family holiday in our hygge van @veedubbetty Let’s face it – there isn’t really much time left!
  • Throw ourselves into the literary festival #porteliot2016 We had a blast last year & can’t wait for this years. This year I’m going to discover new gems & broaden my horizons by listening to speakers I’ve never heard of before. 
  • Sort out some junk in my kitchen cupboards & spare room because these are two areas that really need a spot of tlc
  • Get back on the diet wagon I’ve lost nearly a stone since January but I’d like to shift half a stone more. I’d be happy to lose four this month 
  • See the poppies at Polly Joke a secret spot on the North Coast of Cornwall. I missed them last year.
  • Put the finishing touches to the hygge subscription box which is due out in September! Can’t wait! 
  • Spend quality time with family & friends who often get overlooked in the busy-ness of life
  • Walk 7,000 steps a day during the week & 10,000 at the weekend… Which will hopefully help the weight loss too! #winwin 
  • Blog often on all things hygge not least because it focuses my mind towards the important things in life! 

A fairly manageable list. Will let you know how I get on – with photos! 

3 thoughts on “Monthly bucket list

  1. Bethany says:

    Look forward to seeing your photos of the poppies at Polly Joke. I would of loved to see the tower of London poppies, maybe next year (hopefully).

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