Fact! Dragons love Hygge! 

There’s something very hyggeligt about being recognised for your passion & this week, we were one of six lucky winners of Theo Paphitis’ (Entrepreneur & Dragon) #sbs or, small business Sunday competition to the rest of the non-twitter world.

Many Sunday evenings throughout the year we have tweeted Theo telling him about Living Hygge and our #originalhyggebox subscription box. He and his team must have liked what they saw!

Why do we think we won?
Tricky question. We may have been lucky to have caught one of his teams eye, but we like to think it’s more than this.

We have an original, beautiful product that is the right price, with a quality of content where value equals more than the price paid. And when we talk about value, we mean it in a wholesome sense. Subscribing to one of our boxes and you are subscribing to a promise to yourself to take time out & be kind to yourself. Recharge your batteries, connect with others & just ease the pressure of daily life and who can put a price on that? 

We also believe that our adopted strategy of giving back to our community through our #hyggeforhomeless campaign, providing boxes of essential items for homeless people over the Festive period, regardless of religion, shows that businesses can be both successful and kind to society. 

What does this mean for us?

Well! It’s too soon to tell, but within the last twenty four hours our twitter feed has gone crazy and our followers have shot up by over one hundred! (We will never buy followers to make us look bigger than we really are).

We’ve been approached by couriers offering 50% off shipping and had all sorts of lovely small businesses inviting us to collaborate. 

We’ve been invited to join #sbswinnershour tonight which we are really looking forward to.

We’re expecting an email any time soon from Theos team and we understand that there’s a conference in early February 2017 where we may get to meet the man himself.

Within this group we shall seek business advice on upscaling effectively. We believe that we have almost reached capacity and won’t take the next step until we can be absolutely certain that we won’t compromise on quality or the little personal touches that make our #originalhyggebox sparkle with that hyggeligt feeling.

But right now, we are basking in all the attention and are feeling incredibly excited by the journey that lies ahead. 

Thank you to all of our subscribers, friends & everyone else who has supported us!

With hyggeligt wishes

Deborah & Samantha

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