7 ways to be Hygge in a changing world…

Amongst the uncertainty of #brexit, find some reassurance, peace & stability in the comfort of hygge.

  • Place Make a Hygge Den. A space to escape. This could be a chair, your bed or  another quiet corner of your home. Keep it clear from clutter and every day distractions or select a few special pieces such as photos or objects that spark joy. A favourite spot in a nearby cafe to people-watch might hit the spot too! 
  • Wrap yourself in a blanket. A sure fire Hygge guarantee. Watch tv, watch a sunset, or do nothing! 
  • Switch off from news and media for a while, maybe over breakfast or in the evening. Throw yourself into a book perhaps or write a letter.
  • Play games especially board games, with friends or kids or if it’s really not your thing, make something or colour in!
  • Get outdoors stomp around in the open fresh air, whether that be a town park, country lanes or the coast. Breathe in the air and take notice of the shape of the leaves, the spectrum of colour or the shape of the clouds.Really look. 
  • Connect with friends & family for a roast / a takeaway or even a cup of tea.  It can be so good to be in the company of others and just chat, catch up in the real world. 
  • Candles! Lots of candles! Whether it’s summer and they soften dusky evenings & fill the air with scents of verbena or to add warmth on a winters night, a candle lit place is always Hygge. 

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