Nature does it best…

On a winters day, at first glance, it seems that the trees are bare of leaves and the hedgerows are devoid of the multi-coloured flora they boast in Springtime. Against a grey background it can all seem really depressing.  But look closer and on inspection, our lanes and parks are full of a scent-sation of evergreen. Even better, these beauties lend themselves perfectly to feasonal festive decoration, bringing the outside inside.

So we ventured outside as it lashed down, with kitchen scissors in hand (completely inappropriate for the job but we were at least spontaneous) and snipped off bountiful handfuls of pine, bay (garden) and rosemary (communal park) and oh my goodness! The smell was incredible! It seems that the rain brought out the amazing aromas and I couldn’t help myself but intake the headiness of it all on repeat. Good job they’re not hallucinogenic…

What do to with it all? Now I’m never going to be famous for my creative talent but even I could see the potential for interior decor of some kind. After all, it’s very Danish (and therefore very hygge) to decorate your home with bits of nature and even I could see the potential for wreath making or even just spreading it out on top of the mantel piece and nestling fir cones or tea lights for hygge atmosphere… Taking our lead from a truly hygge evening the night before at Nancarrow, we remembered that the simple way is nearly always the best way…

Really wish WordPress had scratch and sniff!

And then a flood of inspiration.. Stick it in a jar! Maybe this will help the smell permeate the house and it looks oh so rustic.

The famous tiptree jar. I’m not on commission I promise. I just really like their labels. And it’s clean.

Then I felt much braver. Googled wreath making and found Nigella Lawsons long lost sister who’s a florist and realised that I didn’t have any champagne, wire frames or moss so set about my own style, going to show that if I can make something from hedgerow forages (and a raid on Christmas pot pourri – I know, it’s not the 1980’s) then anyone can. I’m pretty chuffed with the results. Go on. Have a go. Get snipping outside, bring it inside and see what happens. It can’t really go wrong. 


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