Have yourself a hygge Christmas

So it’s only a matter of days ’til the big day itself. Often expectations are set so high, typically fuelled by glossy magazine photo perfection.

Here are our nine tips to having a hygge Christmas. And feel free to share your tips in the comments box. We’d love to hear from you! 

* plan! Whether it’s people, places, working out where and when. Don’t be afraid to say no if time gets tight or if you just need to take some for yourself and close loved ones. 

* figure your present and food budget and stick to it. Money stresses are no fun at all and you’ll enjoy it more if you know it’s not going to leave you stony broke. And don’t feel pressurised to shop til you drop in the sales either. It’s a nice feeling to say “Do you know, there’s nothing I need..”

* if you’ve got visitors coming, dig out board games in advance. Check that the pieces are all there. If you need dice, papers, pens etc, have that to hand. And make sure you know the rules and are prepared to act as referee if necessary to keep the peace! And if all else fails, go for the old faithful charades! 

* as with the games, prepare as much food in advance. It’s always nice to make and bake your own from scratch but if it becomes too much, buy it in. It’s not the end of the world. 

*create your home hygge spot. It doesn’t have to be fit for Elle deco. This might be a favourite chair next to the fire or even on top of your bed amongst plump cushions. Keep a blanket nearby for extra hygge. You may well need this space to collect your thoughts! 
* bring the outside in! Decorate the house with pine, cones, and other greenery. It smells amazing and blends beautifully with more traditional decorations. 

* go to church or another event in a historical building, even if you’re not religious. Loads of people do and it’s great to be amongst others and sing and churches themselves can be a great place of peace and contemplation away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial side of Christmas. 

* take time for walks – lots of them. Whether it’s to work of the Christmas pud, try out a new hat and scarf combo or escape trying relatives and get some fresh air, a walk is always a winner. 

* hug, love, laugh and talk. Or just find comfort in being in one another’s company and saying nothing at all. Enjoy being on your own whilst the rest of the world is distracted. We love the bubble of time between Christmas and New Year.


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