Why Twixmas is better than Christmas

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next person, the build up especially. I don’t need to list the perks, peeks and benefits – those are well documented. I certainly don’t wish the days away, but once all that is over (and doesn’t it always pass too quickly?) then I’m buoyed by the in-between period of Christmas  and New Year that is Twixmas.

Gone is the pressure of perfect gift giving, the added expense of last minute shopping, one-day food mountains and the piles of washing up and legs… Everywhere. Maybe you had enough seats around the tv or maybe you had a proper bed yourself, maybe you didn’t, but it sure feels good to have the space back. Reminds me of Julia Donaldsons book “A squash and a squeeze.”

Unless you were crazy enough to go shopping in the sales or unlucky enough to have to go back to work ( I recommend that you take annual leave, every time) the calm folds over like a goose down duvet, in for the duration. Prize winning gourmet meals for eight are replaced with hearty soup from the left over veg for whoevers there, help yourself and crackers, with, well, anything and everything and there doesn’t have to be turkey curry if you don’t want it. Some family members that you choose to stay behind (and select them wisely) are more than keen to join in windswept cliff top walks or veg out watching back to back box sets in pyjamas because (and this is the best kind of all) these special people are just as happy to do sweet eff-all, just like you. In each other’s company without any airs of obligation and expectation. They know and love you as you are, warts and all. Days roll and rumble along, just enough until New Year’s Eve creeps upon you and suddenly you bring out the glitz, glamour and sparkles for one last hoorah. Or maybe you don’t and do you know what? That’s ok. Who makes up these rules anyway? And as for New Years resolutions, that’s a whole other blog…

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